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The Sims Makin' Magic

     The Sims was released on ??/??/98 and has taken the world by storm ever since. But now The orignal comes to an abbrupt end with this final add-on (we think) for the original sims game. But no need to worry! The Sims 2 due for release early 2004 will surly be just as big, if not bigger, than it's predecessor.

     Makin' Magic gives a whole new dimension to the Sims series. Turn annoying neighbours into a frogs, get gnomes to do the housework while you spend time collecting magicoins by performing at the Side Show, Spook Show, Magic Dueling Arena, and Magic Trick Table. There are over 175 new items in the game which add to the benifits of the add-on. These incude a whole new mediterranean-themed kitchen, a new baker's oven where you can bake your own bread and pies and with objects like Bee Hives which help build up your skills, and gives you the option to serve honey. Or maybe you would rather hatch a pet dragon who will eat anything from your garbage to small creatures! Summon the Skeleton Maid to clean your house. You choose.



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Now the new release of The Sims 2 is here, less and less will be heard of the original. There is no doubt that the original game will still be played by millions around the world, the game will be now a little over-shadowed by its predecesor.


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